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California Medicare Advantage

A great thing about living in California is the choices we have. Why, you can go from the mountains to the beach in the same day! This is even more true when it comes to California Medicare Advantage plans. Having options is great but sometimes it can be frustrating because Medicare is so confusing on its own.

Medicare Advantage Plans California

Well you’ve come to the right place. We’ve designed this site to include excellent educational videos, podcasts to listen to, documents that you can download, Dave Wilson’s blog and we are just a phone call away to answer any questions you may have. The best part? We don’t charge a fee for the services we provide since we are compensated by all the carriers and plans we represent.

Where do I start?

No doubt you’ve been inundated with advertisements by mail, phone and every other method. What we’ve assembled on this site are the answers to many common questions. You can read articles or watch videos that answer your questions clearly and concisely. To the right of this paragraph are links to many different topics that folks want to understand. It’s important to really understand all of the different parts of Medicare. Once you understand the basics you’ll be ready to look at the different ways to get your California Medicare Advantage coverage.

The following 4 minute video is a great place to start:

Parts A,B,C & D

Parts A & B are often referred to as Original Medicare and those the two parts that will be on your Medicare card along with the dates you started to receive them. Part C refers to an Medicare Advantage Plan and Part D is for prescriptions. Click here to learn more about the 4 parts of Medicare. Another great resource for general information is and then we can help you with the specific Advantage plans, Medigap supplements and Part D plans.


Choices, Choices….

You may already know that when you turn 65 you qualify for Medicare. But did you know that when it comes to receiving your Medicare benefits you can essentially take one of 2 paths? You can choose to stay on Original Medicare and purchase a Medicare Supplement, click here to learn more. The other option is to join a California Medicare Advantage Plan, click here to learn more. There just isn’t a “Best Medicare Plan in California”. There are many plans that fit different situations.

Part D Plans

Part D plans help with the cost of medications. You can get your Part D plan by purchasing it as a stand alone Part D if you stay on Original Medicare or it can be part of a Medicare Advantage Plan. Click here to learn more about Part D Plans

When do I need to do this?

There are several different enrollment  periods when it comes to Medicare. Click here to learn about the different time frames. If you missed your election period you may need to pay a late enrollment penalty, also called LEP, just Click Here to find out how much your penalty will be.

Why were here

We know this can be confusing. We are here to be a resource to those who need reliable, unbiased information. We don’t charge anything for our services because were compensated by the insurers we work with. And another thing, were really nice people who genuinely like helping other people. Give us a call Toll Free 1-888-806-3299

Click Here to learn about Part A

By Dave Wilson