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How Will Obamacare Affect Medicare and Advantage Plans?

What affect will ObamaCare have on Medicare Advantage plans? We are getting closer to the time when the ACA (Affordable Care Act) will start putting into place changes to Medicare and these changes will continue to be implemented over the coming years. One of the biggest changes […]

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The CMS 5 Star Rating

What’s the deal with the CMS 5 Star rating? Every plan gets a score that represents that plan’s quality. It’s based on several factors like the quality of care, how responsive the plan is, patient satisfaction, access to care and customer service. Since the beginning of health […]

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How Does the California Birthday Rule Work?

How Does the California Birthday Rule Work? Some say that in California we just like to do things differently, I say Better. California has a unique provision known as the California birthday rule that allows folks who currently have a California Medicare Supplement, also referred to as Medigap, […]

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Anthem Blue Cross Terminates 6 PPO California Medicare Plans

Anthem Terminates 6 PPO California Medicare Plans My goodness have we been receiving a ton of phone calls on this.  Many of you are currently enrolled in the Anthem Blue local PPO plan called the Medicare Preferred Standard and previously known as the Freedom Blue Plan. You […]

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Medicare announces 2013 cost sharing amounts

Medicare Cost Sharing for 2013 The folks at Medicare have released the 2013 Medicare premium, deductible and coinsurance amounts to be paid by Medicare beneficiaries in the Original Medicare program, effective January 1, 2013. These amounts will be more important to those that have Original Medicare and […]

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