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Different Parts of Medicare

Different parts of Medicaree


This video explains the different Parts of Medicare

Part A

Part A helps with the cost of hospitalization and skilled nursing stays. It also helps with hospice care and some skilled care for those who are housebound.

What isn’t covered

Physician services in either their office or the hospital are covered under Part B, not Part A. Part A only covers what’s medically necessary so personal in-hospital costs such as phone calls are not covered.


Of the different parts of Medicare, Part A is the only one that has no monthly premium if you or your spouse worked and made payroll contribution for 10 years(40 quarters). If you don’t have enough quarters, the monthly premium will be either $441 or $243. It just depends on how many quarters you have paid in. You can always go to or call 800-772-1213 to verify your status.

When and how can you sign up

As soon as you become eligible for Medicare you can enroll in Part A. If you’re already receiving Social Security benefits you should be automatically enrolled in Part A 3 months before your birth month. This doesn’t always happen like it’s supposed to . Feel free to call us and we can help you get enrolled.

Your share of the costs

There is a deductible with Part A and for 2013 it’s $1,184 for each hospital stay. The first 60 days in  the hospital have no co-pay. For days 61-90 you’ll $296 per day. For days 91-150 you’ll pay $592 per day. If you are in a Skilled Nursing facility you will pay $148 for days 21-100, days 1-20 have no co-pay.

To pay for these costs there are basically 3 options:

1. Stay on only Original Medicare and be prepared to pay all the cost sharing out of pocket

2. Purchase a California Medicare Supplement Plan. Click Here for an explanation.

3. Medicare Advantage Plans California. Click Here for an explanation.

As always, we are here to help you determine which option will be a good fit 1-888-806-3299

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