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How To Stop Medicare Fraud

How to Stop Medicare Fraud


Medicare fraud hurts us all. It uses up valuable resources and put a major strain on the Medicare fund. There are steps to take that will work if enough people implement them. The key things you need to remember is protect, detect and report. If you’re not sure exactly how to do that, then you have come to the right place.

Stop Medicare fraud


The main ways to stop Medicare fraud really comes down to common sense. But if you’ve never dealt with anything like this before then you may need a little help getting started. One of the most important things you will ever do to fight Medicare fraud is to be active in the protection of your benefits. Never give your numbers out to someone that you don’t know because Medicare would never call you and ask you for personal information.


You can avoid your cards being lost by not carrying them unless they’re needed at the time. Make sure you’re paying attention at your doctors visits. Know what tests that they are giving you and what’s been charged to your Medicare. Never submit your information online, and be leery when it comes to any products promising that Medicare will cover them. If you are having to rent anything for home health then you need to make sure you have receipts for your rental that are dated. The last thing you ever want to do is sign any forms that may be blank, and treat your Medicare card as if it were one of your financial cards, identification cards or a checkbook.


Now that we have covered some prevention techniques let’s go over some detection techniques. Keep your Medicare summary notice handy. You want to know what is covered and what isn’t, and your summary gives you an explanation of your benefits. You can also visit online to view your account. Good record-keeping is a must. You should keep detailed records for every appointment no matter how insignificant you think it may be.


At the end of the day, there is nothing insignificant about Medicare fraud, and it is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that it doesn’t happen. Don’t toss out those old bills. If it has anything to do with your medical services, either from your clinic or third-party vendors, you should definitely hold onto these bills. You will also want to review every one of them to make sure that there are no mistakes or fraudulent claims present. If you run across charges that shouldn’t be there or you have been double billed for some service and even if there were services that your doctor didn’t order then you need to contact your per Medicare provider immediately or visit online.


Reporting any suspicions you may have not only protects you but it protects other people as well. Reporting Medicare fraud is easy. The first thing you’ll want to do is call your provider, review your explanation of benefits. If you suspect that fraudulent billing is happening then please call 1-800-MEDICARE to receive assistance in reporting possible Medicare fraud or abuse.

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