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Medicare Enrollment Periods

Medicare Enrollment

Have you ever wondered when the different California Medicare Advantage enrollment periods are? Well, there are quite a few times in the year that you have the right to enroll in a plan or make a change from your existing coverage.

Have you moved into the state of California? Is there a plan with a 5 Star rating that’s caught your eye? Did you just move back into the United States? Did you just get released from prison? Did you just move into or out of a long term care facility or nursing home? Maybe you recently qualified for MediCal or you were just notified that you no longer qualify? All these events trigger and enrollment period that you can use.

The chart below gives an overview of all the times you are able to enroll in Medicare Advantage & Medicare Supplements.


Medicare Enrollment

The different enrollment periods


These enrollment periods all have specific time frames. It’s a good idea to do your research before one of the situations above happens, that way you will be ready when it comes time to get different coverage in place.

Which different Advantage plans are available? Do you need recommendations for doctors or specialists? Might this be a good time to purchase a Medicare Supplement if you did not have one before and now are considered “guarantee issue”?

By doing your research ahead of time you will be sure to not only select the right plan, but you can also be sure to have your new coverage in place when it needs to be. Remember, Medicare does not do mid month enrollments. Regardless of when you enroll your effective date will be on the 1st day of the next month. That could be 1-30 days.

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